Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happee happee happee

My meowy just tol me the gud newz....she is gonna go meet Scarlett on fryday! The Simeze Reskue ladee calld her to tawk abowt Scarlett an me an Eclair an the lady sed it sownded like we wud gif Scarlett a gud home. I tried to tell my meowmy to let me tawk to the ladee so i cud tell her how happee i am heer an whut gud cair my meowmy took of Eclair befoor she wint away. But the ladee seemd to like my meowmy so it looks like i will haf a noo sistur on fryday night. I hope she likes me, i hope i'm not too skard of her. I dunt wants ta do ennything meen by aksident. I will even shair my toyz. I saw Eclair in the shadoes an she sed Scarlett looks like she will be a nice sistur for me. I tol Eclair that no uther cat wud ever replayce her.

heer is a pitchur of my noo sistur. izunt she kyoot?!!!
Meowmy goofed on whut Scarlett is tho...she is a redd colur poynt shorthair Simeze mix.


Monday, December 17, 2007

its bin a LOOOOOOOONG time

I dunt even noe if ennywun will see this post cuz itz bin a gazilliyon munths sinz my meowmy has helpt me post. We arr doin ok, i reely miss eclair so much, sumtimes i jus sit an look arownd for her, keep ixpektin to see her sleepin on the fat blankit in the xtra bedrume...but thin i reemembur that she wint to the Rainbow Bridj an we wunt see her for a long time. My meowmy is doin ok, her eyes arnt leeking as much but sumtimes i see her wype a teer win she's lookin at her compewter cuz she has a big pitchur of eclair on the skreen. she sez it wuz taken the day she got eclair so it iz varee speshul.

We havint bin doin much laytlee. i reely dunt lyk beein home all aloan win my meowmy has to go to werk. So she's bin lookin online for anuther cat to be my sistur and frend. She sez she fownd wun she thot sounded nice but wee arr still waitin' for the shelter to let us noe. it is a Simeez Reskew Sheltur calld Slinky Katz an aparuntlee they arr varee pickee abowt hoo they give thair catz to. Meowmy sed thair is a cat naymd Scarlett thair hoo iz an oree-entul shorthair mix jus like me. Maybee Santee Claws will bring her to us for chrismus. I haf bin varee good this yeer espeshullee win eclair wuz so sik. I taykd good cair of her til she wint away.

We gots a lot of sno heer last week. Thair arr hyooj piles owtside, biggur than me, biggur than my meowy too. She wuz not varee happee abowt skrapin sno off the windoe of the big blak masheen that i ride in to see the vet man. But it iz wintur now so we gots ta haf sum sno. Looks like we will haf a whyt chrismus for shoor.

well, my meowmy shood be home frum werk in abowt an howr so i'd bettur cleen up the mess i mayd wrappin a chrismus presint for Scarlett if we git her. I hope so.