Monday, January 29, 2007

My mom finullee got a sort of gud pichur of me showing my prittee bloo eyes. She also caym hohm wif sum goodees for us...a krinklee play tunnul, a nice skratchin post, sum krinklee balz, an a noo catnip mowse so we bof haf wun now. She luvs us so much. We had a lot of fun rollin in the nip she sprinkuled in the tunnul and on the skratchin post.
I'm so glad she adoptid me!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I haf bin varee lax

My mom hasint bin playin on her compewter much latelee becuz she wuz so sik for 2 weekz. So we wuz bizzy takin kair of her an I fergitted abowt postin. But I am happee to reeport that me an Eclair arr gittin along prittee well. I luv to bat at her tayl or sneek up on her. Today we wuz rassillin on the kitchin flor. Shes a gud pal but I'm still not abul to relakz enuff to snuggul up wif her. My mom keepz tellin me I wud be much warmur if I wud but I like to kurl up next to the raydeeator in the kitchin.

I gotz a lot of katchin up to do on evrybudeez blogz...but heer's sum noo pichurs of me an Eclair playin.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey I gotta haf a titul too!

If my sistur gits wun I gotta haf my own!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Grand Duchess Tiramisu the Clement of Chortling Chesterton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a cuppul of noo pix of me

Let's see, I've still got all my toes.

Stretched out and relaxing

Tira in action

Heer's a littul videeoh of me... its kinda dark

Monday, January 8, 2007

I do like it heer!

Things arr goin rathur well, I havint felt like hissin at Eclair all day! We evfun bof took naps on the bed at the saym time...altho I napped on the pilloe and Eclair wuz on the big blankee at the foot of the bed.

I did git skeerd wunzt mom brawt owt this masheen that mayd a horribul lowd noyz. I ran away as fast as I cood an hidded in the bedrume. Eclair tol me that masheen eets up all the littul bits of things from the rug. I hope it duznt deeside to eet me!

It wuz nice to git all the welcomes frum all the cats Eclair nohs. Thanx evrybuddee! I will keep werking on my blog and try to post intrestin things.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Welcome Home to Me!

Ok, I'm trying to settul intoo my noo home. My noo mom seems reely nice, I'm not afrayd of her today like I wuz win we met yesturday. She brawt me to a hyoog noo home whair I dont haf to liv in a cayj ennymor. But wif this noo home caym unuthur cat. She's biggur 'n me and blak as the nite. She sez her naym is Eclair and whyel shees bin vary polite to me I'm kina eskeered of her. But evrything is so noo an strangj heer so I'm just tryin to chill owt an lay low. I did venchur owt of my rume breeflee this affernoon but I gots all nurvus win Eclair caym too cloze so I ran bak to my rume. Itz prittee nice to haf this big rume all to mysef, lotz biggur than my rume at the sheltur.

An then my noo mom deesidid that maybee the naym they calld me at the sheltur wasint my "reel" she thot and thot and finullee sed to me "How do yoo like the naym Tiramisu?"
I konsidured it for a momint, the she sed "Tira kitty" and I lookd up rite away. So now my noo naym is Tiramisu. My noo mom sez it keeps wif the theem of sweetniss and deesurts. I noe I kin be sweet and hopefullee I will git less nurvus arownd my noo sistur Eclair.