Monday, January 14, 2008

Update frum the former Howse of the deesurt Cats

Well, Scarlett has bin heer for almost a munth now an i kant say we arr best of frends. I will admit that I wuz a bit nawty whin she got heer, i coodint help myself, honest...but i did kinda hiss at her whinevur she got too close. She kinda mayd me nervus an im reely sorree i did that. now that i am morr yoost to her beein arownd i dunt feel like hissing. i wood like to play wif her the way me an eclair yoost to wrassul and chase. but now win i git too close to Scarlett she hisses an growls at me!! sumtimes i chase aftur her ennyway but she duzint like that much, i guess maybee shes mad at me for hissin' so she's givin it bak to me. our meowmy has skoldid us...i listen an stop whut i'm doin but Scarlett just ignors Meowmy. Scarlett seems like she thinks she owns the place now but i git to sleep with Meowmy.

Scarlett is varee pritty an varee athletik, she kin jump up 2 feet in the air win she plays wif the cat dansir...but she also torr up the feffver wand. i kinda dont like that cuz it wuz eclair's and Scarlett shooda had morr respeckt. I miss my sister eclair so much, i dunt noe if me an Scarlett will evur git to be frends. Oh an she has a noo name now too Meowmy is callin her Luci Scarlett cuz of her crazee antiks like sumbodee wif red hair calld Lucille Ball.

I wuz also varee varee happee to heer that Skeezix bruthur Mao came home, we wuz varee wurreed that the vishus deer got him. Glad he's home sayf and sownd.

Will try to git sum pix of Luci up heer cuz i dunt noe if Meowmy is gunna let Luci blog sinz she pooped in the videeyo kabinit.


William said...

Aw, I'm sorry things are getting off to a slow start for you and Scarlett. Maybe in time things will get much better. Russell's still fitting in here, and he's been here since the end of September!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! It sounds like Scarlett can sure jump high!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

uh-oh. if we had a video cabinet an if we pooped in it then we prolly would be restricted from blogging too. we're having problems here too, cuz Grr started stalking me an I think she wants ta eat me an so now I'm scared of any big black cat coming near me - even Midnight an Cocoa who just wanna play or groom me. I just can't help growling at efurrycat, just in case it's Grr.

The Crew said...

I'm sure once she settles in you and Lucy Scarlett will become great sisters.

Anonymous said...

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